Call of Duty – Warzone CP generator?!!!!

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Call of Duty – Warzone CP generator?!!!!

By Anonymous 0 Comment May 21, 2020

We play Warzone from the beginnings and from Season 2 we bought Battle Pass always, but we was curious are there any way to get CP without paying anything. And YES!!! We found a working and SECURE!! (really) tool to receive any COD Points package you want. If you use it don’t worry, the tool creator is not a hacker, but he know how to catch the response when you buy a CP package, therefore he can get it without paying it without notice Activision.

So the tool is here:

Easy to use, just type your Username, Platform (PC,PS4,XBOX), choose your package and complete the last step. Enjoy it! Loot a lot and be the Warzone Victory!